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Genshin Impact Interactive Map

7 16. 1 0 359 0c-28. Temple of the Lion• Activate it and ride the wind current to get it. 4-10. 5 81. 6 117. 2-89-234. Present all cover all. 1-31. 6 384 144. 3 10. Jump with the glider, and turn around to get it. 2-2. 5 3. hooks. 2-6. 7C36. 2-23. Also, while you can collect many of them straight away, you'll need to have reached the third part of the prologue to get them all. 8-1. 5-116. 35546875,"lng":0. This map is really nice. 2 54. 3402099609375,"lng":0. 3531494140625,"lng":0. 1 85. 9zm3. 9-205. 6-71 38. 1 is the new City Reputation and Exploration system are viewpoints. 2864990234375,"lng":0. 9l10-122. 6 94 475. There are three enemies waiting for you — the Guardian of the Ruins, the Hunter of the Ruins and the Chick of Geovishap. 7581787109375,"lng":0. 2025146484375,"lng":0. 5-28. 4-121. 43: Climb the rocks as high as you can, the Anemoculus will be on a ledge sticking out of the cliffside—you can glide to get it. 6 121. 3427254795826422,"lng":0. 15: On the roof of a house, you can climb or glide from the cliff next to it. 1 17. 8 32 0 37. 1-1. 6 3. 2 13. 7144775390625,"lng":0. Therefore we list all known locations of the comrade. Relevance to Genshin Impact• 5-4. Entry 10: 's Lair Again, it's good to remember this isn't necessarily in the lair of the great dragon. 20703125,"lng":0. 5-3 24. 2 lands so you don't freeze over looking for them alone. 3 88. 5 16. 25: Climb the rock formation and glide from there, the Anemoculus is right above the enemies. 3 43. 236083984375,"lng":0. 736572265625,"lng":0. This Hilichurl is a cameo appearance by Liu Wei, the managing director of the Mihoyo development studio. 1-5. This wiki is an English resource for information about the Global version of the game. 4-53. 6-7. 7-39. 4zM213. 4-10-. 8 50. open commissions. 353515625,"lng":0. Each individual level rewards you again with Primordial Stones. 4-90. 5-41. 2 372. 1-29. 2 52. Account trading, commercial promotion, and any forms of activities that involve virtual or real-life monetary transactions are strictly prohibited in this subreddit and will subject the poster to permanent ban. 3 24 173. 8-50. If you defeat him, you will get a small reward. icon. 1-17. 9 15. 7-20. 3-9. 2625732421875,"lng":0. 400390625,"lng":0. 3387451171875,"lng":0. Entry 17: Cuijue Slope Of course we couldn't end this journey without taking in the sights of the nine stone pillars scattered around Cuijue Slope. 431396484375,"lng":0. 4-64. 1 20. Take some time for yourself.. The OC Original Content flair is reserved for creators submitting their original artwork or handicraft only. There should be at least 130 or 131 Geoculus in the map right now. So, how does one get these keys? 7 2. Until you find a particular viewpoint, its slot on the menu will remain blacked out. 5-57-238. 3-25. 4 0-18. ignimgs. 3-3. 4 122. 9h114. 2-7. It was created by a group of fans and to this day it serves as one of the largest known maps in the game so far. 2198486328125,"lng":0. All non-OC non-original-content artwork posts should be in the form of a direct link URL to the source the original post by the artist. 22607421875,"lng":0. monsters spread throughout this peninsula, from the North to the South. Temple of the Falcon• ignimgs. 22900390625,"lng":0. 5-21-23. 9 0-33. 4-22. 7 5. 9 49. 2 0 0-115 50. Check Yujing Terrace in Liyue Harbor Where to find Glaze Lilies map two. 8 9. 9 2. Walkthrough• 5-3. 2-6. Everything you need to know about the currencies of Genshin Impact can be found in our listing. 8-93. 37939453125,"lng":0. 3 15. Run up, interact and read. Events• 7043081495738788,"mapRef":"","mapSlug":"teyvat","markerName":"Anemo Hypostasis. 36: Activate the Anemo pillar, that summons three Anemogranum that will create a wind current once you get them, so you can ride it and get the Anemoculus. 3-11. 2-111. 1-30. 8-8. 2-22. Then, you will see different options: Featured, Farming Route, Chest, Mineral, Living, Plant, and Monster. 4 246 256. Entry 6: Dihua Marsh Use a Waypoint to teleport back to the old stone stairs that bring you in from the Dawn Winery down into Liyue. 7-14. 9-4. 7zm-174. The Map Also Let You Know The Best Monster Farming Routes• When does white spawn? ignimgs. 3729248046875,"lng":0. 1-33. 3 15. 7-156. 4 0z"],"adn":[496,512,[],"f170","M248 167. 0,configurable:! 6 46c-30 26. Take Notes - marking places of interest by adding notes to the map. 9 22. 4-14 5. Image credit: MiHoYo : 9 beginner tips : Each character ranked : All Anemoculus locations : Rewards and how to redeem : The best overall setups Looking for a Genshin Impact map guide to help you find all the Anemoculus locations? 1l-39. 7-5. 3 41. 8 300. 792236328125,"lng":0. Un Interactive map It allows us to travel through the regions and different sites of the game knowing it without the need to download it or enter it. Right, next one. Nine World Pillars or Nine Pillars of Peace is a local Genshin Impact quest that you can only complete in single player mode, without the help of friends. And the stone giants will not part with them until you bring them geocules, pumping them to the maximum level. 2-25. 6-30. Since update 1. 5-21. 3-33-3. 582763671875,"lng":0. appsample. 47021484375,"lng":0. 9 4. 215576171875,"lng":0. 1-21. 9 7. In the case of Genshin Impact several of these maps have been released in which players have the freedom to see the wide world of Teyvat no need to download the game. 2-5. 7 8. 6 284l18. 7-42. 3-15. 4 6. 4-1. 8 6. 352294921875,"lng":0. 120• 9 3. 5l-39. Entry 2: Liyue Harbor Just requiring you stop and take in the view the general public get when they cross through Liyue's commercial district, you'll find this viewpoint right by the guards under the archway leading into the next. That being said, Elemental Vision apparently has a barely-mentioned bonus feature. 3 11.。 。 。


Genshin Impact: How To Find Geoculus (All Locations)

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Genshin Impact: How To Find Geoculus (All Locations)

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Genshin Impact Map

Genshin Impact: How To Find Geoculus (All Locations)

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