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Factor Bikes breathes new life into O2 with second generation of most popular model

Compatible with electronic groupsets only• The O2 is a study in the dark art of layup. In terms of component options you get a choice of Sram Etap or Di2 but more on that later. fork steerer tube. I ride mine still and love it. Instead of relying upon a collection of temperamental and difficult to obtain ultralight components to hit target weights, we challenged ourselves to deliver weight savings within the chassis. While the Black Inc. The Factor really comes to life on the climbs. The Factor O2 is available in disc and rim brake models, comes in Miami Blue and Pearl White colourways. But thanks to the massively oversized bottom bracket area and carefully profiled downtube and chainstays, it accelerates with equal aplomb when contesting a sprint. To control all the touch points a rider has with the road to ensure our world-renowed Factor ride quailty. Removing excess resin using higher pressurisation means that the carbon used is stronger, lighter and more efficient, Factor says. It may have morphed from a quirky British outfit to a more mainstream cycling brand, but Factor maintains one unique hook — it owns its own Far Eastern factory that makes items for Factor and no one else. Give me an aluminum mechanical machine any day to race in the rain but this bike? Tyre clearance has also been increased to 30mm. Moving from the climbs to the descents, we found the O2 was very responsive cutting through the corners. I will say that going to a bike that weighs 2. The Factor O2 Disc atop the Alpine loop. Finally, we offer a Rolling Chassis. The Factor O2 remains poised and planted, whether ripping a technical descent over rough pavement or shooting a tight gap at 1,300 watts in a bunch kick. The minimum insertion is clearly marked Slide 4 mm hex wrench through the hole under the top tube on the seat post. Factor O2- Reviewed SoCalCyclist "Take The Risk or Lose the Chance" is the mantra that Rider Romain Bardet has on his Factor O2 top tube. Most notable was their radical Vis Vires RBA, May 2014 , which turned heads with its twin-spar fork and split downtube. Handlebars: Black Inc Road Handlebar• If you can say bikes are minimalistic, this one is at the top of the list. Pressurization greater than normal allows us to wring excessive resin from our base material, therefore making the carbon stronger, lighter and more efficient. Front Derailleur: Shimano Dura Ace Di2 R9150 11-speed, braze-on• While the bike is light, it feels surprisingly stable underneath you and yes that balance. You'd like to think so in the same way a new driver can handle a Formula 1 car. To contact us or learn more, go to our page. The decision is actually between the Factor 02 rim and a F10 rim, but reviews on the Factor are pretty scarce. The O2 is meant to impart an experience, not a look. Frameset Lead Time: 2 - 3 months due to high demand SRAM Groupset Build Lead Time: 6 months due to high demand Shimano Groupset Lead Time: 8 months due to high demand OVERVIEW The road to the sky up Bear Mountain never felt so good. Optimized structure design, carbon layup and specific material choices depending on the frame area and shape, allows us to use the least material without loss of stiffness, efficiency or ride quality. COM... According to Gitelis, this allows Factor to put the resources into materials and manufacturing that other brands must earmark for the third-party factory mark-up. In case of dropout replacement, apply Loctite 243 on bolts threads and tighten to 1 Nm. Connect to the Di2 Di2 cable routing overall view kit you can use a derailleur inner wire and a 5mm metal cable ferrule to Junction B. Release the bolt and remove the cover. Optional Spacer Kit: SRAM GXP and 30 mm BB386 cranks• Factor is a premium brand and will not be faulted for being one. What do I mean by that? There should be no surprise that it so eagerly rises to its stated calling. Install cages and tighten M5 bolts with T20 Torx to 2 Nm. Ethan… thanks for the question. 5-inch drop from saddle to tops and still have 25mm spacers under the stem. There may be faster wheels in the wind tunnel, but aerodynamics is more than a wheel on its own. Bike Options Chassis, Rolling Chassis, Complete Di2 Bike Brake Option Disc Brake, Rim Brake Colours AG2R Blue, Burnt Orange, Romain Bardet White, Stealth Black, Turquoise Frame Sizes 46 cm, 49 cm, 52 cm, 54cm, 56cm, 58cm, 61cm Bar Width 36 mm, 38 mm, 40 mm, 42 mm, 44 mm Seat Post 0 Setback, 25 mm Setback Stem Length 90 mm, 100 mm, 110 mm, 120 mm, 130 mm We offer our bikes in three possible configurations, and we do this for a very specific set of reasons. Image 5 of 8 There is a penalty, however, in that it is immediately a rough and harsh ride. O2 V. The geometry, which was originally developed in conjunction with WorldTour athletes, remains unchanged. They're bike experts with knowledge and experience that's second to none. Take Take The Risk or Lose the Chance mantra is now extended to the consumer and if that means seeing that PR up your local climb then so be it. From my first grin-filled descent down Royal Street in Park City to long, high-speed descents down American Fork Canyon, and everything in between, the Factor O2 Disc has remained composed and ready for more than I can give. The stopping power of hydraulic disc brakes is always worth noting. Shimano Ultegra R8070 Di2 disc groupset• As a factory producing bikes for other companies, we were in at the ground floor developing the first layups for disc brake road bikes. Beautiful bikes should be ridden, but alas it is a superbike, so maybe I should clean it more often. First raced in the WorldTour by AG2R La Mondiale in 2016, the O2 is Factor's all-round entry, combining speed and comfort for those long days in the saddle. Factor chose to use the BBRight bottom bracket standard and utilizes asymmetric tube shapes throughout the frame. Advanced-level bike handlers will absolutely love it as the O2 tracks nicely and responds in a jiffy without getting loose at speed. The online studio allows you to choose different artwork, finishes and paint colours to build a unique frameset. Furthermore, they offer a tuned flex that allows the rider to experience the full degree of comfort offered by the masterfully designed chassis. Her expertise in bikes — and what people want out of them — comes from working in real-world bike shops and learning the ins and outs of the industry. Using a new method of carbon compression moulding, Factor claims it has removed a significant amount of weight from the carbon layup of the frame. With the bike being so light, however, it did take a bit to get adjusted to the cornering feel that comes with it. Pitch carbon fibre is the final addition and has been used in the top tube and down tube. We know first-hand how important solid handling is. We do this rather than offer just a frame and fork because we have engineered our chassis to work together as a system. Spec Factor 02 Frame Carbon fibre Groupset Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9070 Brakes Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9070 Chainset Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9070 Cassette Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9070 Bars Factor RGi Carbon integrated aero system Stem Factor RGi Carbon integrated aero system Seatpost Wheels Black Inc Thirty clinchers Saddle Prologo Navo Evo CPC Weight 6. Definitely a tough one to sort through because the R5 disc sure is beautiful and very much a head-on competitor with the Factor O2 Disc. Next you can get the rolling chassis which gets you everything from the chassis but with the wheels. Though not an aero bike, the O2 got up to speed quickly and accelerated well under power. With consistent trail across the entire size range and progressive stack and reach, O2 Series fit is surprise-free and straightforward, regardless of size. Look for Factor Bikes at your local speciality bike shop or online at CompetitiveCyclist. Some are steel while others are titanium. brand of carbon clincher wheels were mounted with oversized 28mm Continental GP4000 tires. CHASSIS Our Chassis is frame, fork, headset, bottom bracket, bar, stem or integrated barstem and seatpost. Check which rails standard are on your saddle. But I wanted as much information before making any purchase. Whether you're thinking about your next dream build, you need advice on components, or you have questions about an existing order, don't hesitate to contact a Gearhead. Brakes : rim and disc brake options• A custom headset compression plug has been specifically designed to function like a standard plug, meaning it can be easily trimmed, maintained and adjusted. Fork: RGi Carbon, Svelte• They got caught out a couple times as the front end will drop on you once you put pressure on the front to accelerate. Every inch of the frame is poured over and optimized to make the O2 responsive and fast yet compliant enough for a 3-week Grand Tour and Paris-Roubaix alike. Do you felt you had a preference of one over the other? With 12mm thru axles front and rear, Factor points out that these are aero thru axles with flush profiles. Therefore I am currently looking for a bike that would assists me better in climbs and make me appreciate ascending more. That passion is channeled into every article or gear review he writes. Integrated Carbon Headset• The R5 is a little more comfortable of a fit with a taller stack and shorter reach than the O2. 5cm-long chainstays. The O2 is clearly an all-rounder. Usually more popular with the super masters as the bikes are always more high end. Carefully insert Junction B and all cables through the bottom bracket shell window. Fork: RGi Carbon, Svelte, rim or disc flat mount brakes• especially under the sun light. Factor continues to dispel such notions by cutting frame weight to make a 15-pound disc brake bike not just acceptable but preferable. Essentially, is it only sold in specialty bike retailers, not your local Trek Store. The compact feel of the frame made for a comfortable position on the steeper climbs, as you could really get on top of the pedals for the efforts that are needed. A superbike? It has everything you want on it minus a power meter and nothing you don't. Hard call as both are also aero optimized as well and both are light and responsive. Very comfortable and even more comfortable with bigger tires• Whenever I took the Factor out for a ride, I felt like it was constantly egging me on to go faster and faster. First, a few loops around the valleys were in order with rolling roads and punchy walls mixed in for fun. 9cm wheelbase with 40. That it was designed with ascending in mind is obvious in its barely-there lines, which emphatically reflect the frame's feathery weight, which comes in as low as 750g. Full Black Inc cockpit and Fizik saddle is a huge value-add• The fact that these elements are so subtle, not screaming out for attention with logos or outlandish shapes, leads us to believe they are about engineering, not styling. Highest Stiffness-To-Weight Until VAM, reduction in frame weight signified an equal decrease in ride quality. There is a local climb that I do that gets steeper as you get closer to the top. Rear Disc Brake: Shimano Dura Ace BR 9170• the more tempting frame,,which seems to be for light weight climbers Thanks. 5 lbs of bike weight. I was so enamored that I had to figure out a way to build one up for a long-term affair. In the event that Factor prevails in any court action, you agree to reimburse Factor for the expenses, the bicycle in, severe conditions or climates. You get the picture. After partnering with the French AG2R La Mondiale team, Factor propelled themselves to the top heap of the racing world when team rider Romain Bardet won a stage in the Tour de France and eventually finished on the podium in Paris. On top of this, the brand has incorporated other stiffening materials into the layup, including TeXtreme, Nippon Graphite pitch fibre and boron fibre. Tape: Factor Hi Grip tape• Do not cut if you can foresee any reason to raise your cutting carbon tubes. Svelte Fork• Our frames perform better when paired with our Black Inc wheels, and similarly, our Black Inc wheels perform best when paired with our frames. I am more of steady relaxed climber. There may be faster wheels in the wind tunnel, but aerodynamics is more than a wheel on its own. Very racy fit good for some, but maybe not for all• Am I or most riders good enough to see all this machine has to offer? The competitive advantage they have in manufacturing has been spent wisely, resulting in performance on the road that can be equaled by fewer bikes than can be counted on one hand. At that point, the took the chance to drop even more weight from an already light weight bike with some enhancements to their carbon fiber production process. Take care! I was anxious to get first-hand experience with the Factor O2 Disc, so arrangements were made and I got a 56cm burnt orange test bike for the afternoon. Let's get one thing straight. Factor bicycle or frameset, and shall remain in force only as long as the original owner retains the lifetime of the original owner of each new Factor bicycle or frameset that the bicycle frame or ownership of the Factor bicycle. Still available in rim or disc brake versions, both bikes have internal cable routing throughout the frame and fork. 5 kilos, Changing wheels improved my riding experience but I still have a feeling that it takes a lot of my energy! Full Black Inc cockpit — seatpost and integrated barstem , as shown. Factor O2 Disc: Love at First and Second Ride At Bike Presscamp 2017, I was re-acquainted to Factor Bikes as their transformation was progressing. is the perfect companion for your cycling adventures, near and far. The frame had a rigid feel to it, which we believe is more ideal for the racers. Hi Jason, great review. This bike is made to be ridden hard but for whatever it's worth other than AG2R boys ripping it up in Europe, this bike will be seen at your group rides. bikeradar. As you could ride both, what are your thoughts, especially concerning comfort, geometry, handling. Happily, the disc model eliminates the seatstay bridge, which adds to the overall svelte look, along with the under-the-top-tube seat-binder wedge. The 12mm DT Swiss thru-axles had no handle, so bringing an appropriate-sized Allen key on every ride was mandatory. I mean, do people stop and ask you about it or drool incessantly? It was a sort of Bond-bike that had a split down tube, an integrated computer screen and disc brakes long before other brands considered them. First you can go for the Chassis which gets you the frame, seat post, saddle and integrated cockpit. no more than 3mm below the top of the stem. Easily clears 30c tires mounted to 19mm internal width rims• The new bike has been redesigned using the manufacturing methods of Factor's climbing bike, the O2 VAM. Rear Brake: Shimano Dura Ace BR R9150• Kudos to Factor for making the O2 available in five different colors that include a great-looking burnt orange, a Bardet replica white and, yes, even the obligatory black. Fait accompli. This took a little getting used to, as it does have a much different feel. The combination of medium- and high-modulus carbon adds to the cost of the claimed 740-gram frame, but also allows for its light and stiff character. But I would like to also kindly ask. The new O2 VAM frame is claimed to be both lighter and stronger than the , while retaining the compliance of the. I like to climb but I am not one those explosive climbers that you know like Romain or Marco that attacks ascend like its nothing. Complete build weight, as shown was 17. Bikerumor. Handlebars: Black Inc Road Handlebar• Overall, the Factor O2 Disc is a nimble-handling bike that looks drop-dead gorgeous and has large enough tire clearance to comfortably ride 28mm tires or larger to add even more comfort. My buddies called me relentless Wes because I may be slow but I do enjoy those long climbs. Leaning into mountain roads, the O2 really shines. Functionally and aesthetically it does two things well. THE RIDE It would be easy to categorize the Factor O2 as simply a climbing bike — its lines are slim, it is super-light 790 grams at 54cm and French climber extraordinaire Romain Bardet will be aboard the O2 as he battles Chris Froome in the French mountains this July. Getting Re-acquainted With several months gone by since that first dance up Royal Street, I had to get myself re-acquainted with the O2. Tire Clearance up to 30mm wide• The Svelte fork is also designed to easily clear 28 mm tires; the combination of the Svelte fork and larger tires yields a surprisingly comfortable ride for a race bike. Front Disc Brake: Shimano Dura Ace BR 9170• Carbon Fiber Wheelset 45mm depth• VAM is manufactured with a completely new method of carbon compaction. The short-termer was burnt orange with Black Inc wheels. Related Posts• One way to drop weight in an existing carbon frame is to cut down on the amount of excess resin left in the frame when it pops out of the mold. Everything about the bike and the brand not only look but feel high end. I'm not sure. 3 lbs with cages, Pioneer power meter and Speedplay pedals. Rear Disc Brake Rotor: Shimano Dura Ice Tech Freeza• It also cost the same as a family car. Stem: Black Inc Road Stem• It says its method of applying incredibly high levels of pressure to remove excess resin resulted in carbon layers that retained their strength while being seriously compacted. 3 73. 1-degree head tube angle with the carbon fiber integrated stem and bars that offers a real light front-end feel. They where their bikes are produced and remain in control over every part of the process. Cassette: Shimano Dura Ace R9100 11-speed, 11-28t• As a result, the other bikes in the quiver have seen considerably-less miles since the O2 arrived. These mountain roads offer sublime tarmac for testing bikes like the Factor O2 Disc and I was hellbent to find out how well I could impersonate Romain Bardet. Crank length was also 172. Are you looking at the Factor O2 Disc or rim and F10 Disc or rim? That infatuation continues as he founded this site in 1999 -- sharing his love of road biking, mountain biking, trail running and skiing. If it's good enough for World Tour Pro's it's good enough for you. 12mm thru axles front-and-rear• Buy Now: In Summary Very few bikes have impressed me as much as the O2 Disc has. Fans of bigger tires will be happy to see that tire clearance has been bumped up to 30mm. That shift to first-hand production came when ex-pro rider Baden Cooke and Gitelis, who is a Taiwan-based industry veteran, bought Factor from British motorsport company bf1systems. Sincerely, Wes Hey Wes, thanks for the comment and question. FACTORBIKES. Any experienced rider who wants only the best is the ideal demographic. It's not the lightest bike or most aero, but it is the most balanced. But the magic of its aerodynamic design is best appreciated on the descents, where its deftness in cutting through crosswinds lends composure that should simply not be possible on a dedicated climber's tool. BF1 Systems brought in Baden Cooke, the 2003 Tour de France green jersey winner, as a consultant and manufactured its bikes with Rob Gitelis in Asia. THE PARTS Our Factor O2 came equipped with a Shimano quick-shifting Dura-Ace Di2 drivetrain, hydraulic flat-mount disc brakes and 140mm rotors. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Jason quickly developed a love for the outdoors and a thing for mountains. Also when riding with my Garmin, the angle of the mount made the screen slightly tough to see in the SoCal sun. Both are going to be amazing bikes. Factor states the O2 VAM frame has been designed to work with standardised kit as well, with the weight-saving benefits coming directly from the frame itself. The Factor O2 maintains a certain overall elegance about it with svelte tube shapes, internal cable routing and an internal seat binder. RGi carbon fiber layup• It worked. The rim profile is optimised for 25-28mm 700c tyres with an internal width of 21mm. : 700 x 25c or 28c tires. 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