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Is Kim Jong Un dead? TV senior executive in China says YES.

It could simply transform North Korea into a protectorate, providing economic assistance along with Chinese advisers and peacekeeping troops. While more dangerous, particularly for the North Koreans, a fracturing of the country does provide the greatest and most likely opportunity for true change in NK. We reserve the right to delete inappropriate posts and ban offending users without notification You can find our Community Guidelines in full. There are questions, though, as to whether a woman—even a Kim—could rule a deeply patriarchal society. A North Korean defector says Pyongyang could announce that Kim Jong Un is dead this weekend. According to , the weekly Shukan Gendai reported that a Chinese medic sent to North Korea as part of a team to treat Kim believed a delay in a simple procedure left the leader severely ill: China has dispatched a team to North Korea including medical experts to advise on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, according to three people familiar with the situation. It could happen!! None of these scenarios is without risk. Under a normal administration, yes. North Korea is the world's most secretive country and reports about Kim and his family, including the suggestion that he recently had heart surgery, are nearly impossible to verify. But it does add further intrigue to an already mysterious situation. 6 The 'fake' picture of the dictator lying in a glass casket Has Kim Jong-un gone missing before? "Former South Korean govt official, putting in a guess on the word of an unnamed source in China, going on to say that all recent Kim media appearances are forgeries. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click. apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. April 25 is another major holiday - the 88th anniversary of their armed forces, the Korean People's Revolutionary Army. Many sources have suggested that the 39-year-old ruler is gravely ill and might not even make it this time. — Jennifer Zeng 曾錚 jenniferatntd Photos of Kim appearing to lie in state have also been circulating social media, but they look suspiciously a lot like Kim's father, Kim Jong Il's final resting photos. Your financial contribution will not constitute a donation, but it will enable our staff to continue to offer free articles, videos, and podcasts at the quality and volume that this moment requires. We're guessing photoshop is far more likely than a leaked photograph. Article content SEOUL — North Korea has never publicized who would follow leader Kim Jong Un in the event he is incapacitated, and with no details known about his young children, analysts say his sister and loyalists could form a regency until a successor is old enough to take over. Not a major milestone year but if wants to quell rumors about his health, it would be a good occasion to make a public appearance. But it is a choice. Our mission has never been more vital than it is in this moment: to empower you through understanding. Are both these pictures of Kim Jong Un? Moon Chung-in, the top foreign policy advisor to South Korean President Moon Jae-in, recently spoke to Cable News Network CNN , an American news-media network, over the reports of Kim Jong-un's ill health. Bracing myself. This is not the first time Kim has vanished from public and then reappeared. Alistair Coleman, a researcher at BBC Monitoring covering North Korea, said that the source of the rumor is sketchy. Power struggle Kim's sister might be largely considered for , but recent reports have suggested there might be some internal power struggle to take over the throne. A doctor with him at the time is said to have performed CPR on accompanied him to a hospital. "While the US continues to monitor reports surrounding the health of the North Korean Supreme Leader, at this time, there is no confirmation from official channels that Kim Jong-un is deceased," a senior Pentagon official not authorized to speak on the record "North Korean military readiness remains within historical norms and there is no further evidence to suggest a significant change in defensive posturing or national level leadership changes. It will take 3-5 years to settle the situation so discussion may not even begin till after the 2024 US elections. The oldest is a 10-year-old son, meaning any of the three would need the assistance of their relatives or political guardians if they were to become a fourth-generation hereditary leader. " Foreign intelligence services now think he from the coronavirus pandemic in a The rumours surrounding his health:• Even as China has sent in a medical team to North Korea to advise the leader, a Beijing-backed satellite TV channel's vice director, who is also a niece of a Chinese foreign minister, has claimed that Kim Jong Un is dead. A Chinese source asserted that Kim had clutched his chest and fallen to the ground during a visit to the countryside earlier in April, whereupon a doctor accompanying him performed CPR and transported him to a nearby hospital. China reportedly to North Korea to check on the leader's health. No opinion but two observations. He also cautioned that clues about Kim's whereabouts - such as an apparent sighting of his personal train in the city of Wonsan - could be deliberate diversion tactics. So external aggression and expansive militarization would no longer be necessary or desirable. As rumours continue to swirl that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is seriously ill - or even dead - bizarre footage has emerged in which he appears to be chatting with lookalike body doubles. Reports have been issued saying his health is in "grave danger" with others saying he is at a coastal resort to avoid the coronavirus pandemic. At the time, about why he was absent ranged from him nursing a hangover, suffering from gout, or having been overthrown in a coup. 'But it's still a super sensitive issue. Alternatively, another male high in the regime but outside the immediate family might try to hold the existing system together. The sign reads: "Kim Jong Un attended a ceremony marking the completion of a fertilizer factory. ' Lee defected to the South in 2009. What happens if Kim Jong Un is dead? North Koreans have a very limited knowledge of these things. Kim Jong Il had succeeded his father, Kim Il Sung, who died of a heart attack in 1994. Credit: Twitter And, indeed, if the person cutting the red ribbon at a factory opening was not Kim Jong-un, might he really be dead, as was first reported in mid-April? However, on May 1 he made a public appearance alongside his sister , who had been tipped to succeed him. Will Kim make an appearance on April 25? After his ascension to power, a cult of personality developed around him which was later passed on to his successors. has been out of the public eye for a while, causing rumours of his death following reports that he collapsed and had undergone emergency heart surgery on April 12. There have also been reports that his low profile this year is down to Kim shielding himself during the worldwide outbreak of. : One of my fave games is Crusader Kings 2. Although the US remains somewhat quiet about Kim's health, a Hong Kong Satellite TV executive told her 15 million followers on Weibo that she had a source saying Kim was dead. Vice director of HKSTV Hong Kong Satellite Television told her 15 million followers on Weibo that her Kim Jong Un death claim was backed by a "very solid source. In an effort to contradict the rumours of his death a state-run newspaper has reported that Kim sent a to builders working on a tourism project in Wonsan. That might or might not be acceptable to South Korea given the massive costs of reunification while it, too, is recovering from the coronavirus pandemic. People watch a TV showing a file image of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during a news program at the Seoul Railway Station in Seoul, South Korea, Saturday, May 2, 2020. However, there was one sign of life today as reported that the regime had issued a directive signed by Kim himself, the first in two weeks. Reports in variuous outlet say that Kim has three sons - and the eldest one was born in 2010. KCNA The only thing we really ever know about North Korea is that we can't ever be sure about what's happening there, but rumors about Kim's grave health and possible passing have been circulating for weeks. Kim made his first public appearance in several weeks as he celebrated the completion of a fertilizer factory near Pyongyang, state media said Saturday, ending an absence that had triggered global rumors that he was seriously ill. All of that led to that the 36-year-old Kim was recovering from major surgery, or gravely ill, or dead, and by United States intelligence to figure out what, if anything, is really going on. Kim Jong Un missing such an important holiday, which honors the founder of the country, Kim's late grandfather Kim Il Sung does raise curiosity. The source further revealed that his death is imminent. Please also read our and , which became effective December 20, 2019. Whispers that Kim Jong-un has often sent body doubles to official functions have done the rounds over the years. Or start telling everyone that General So-and-So was the other son of Kim Jong Il, and that any reports to the contrary are fake news. To learn more or opt-out, read our. If a post-Kim North Korea became a Chinese protectorate focused more on economic development than military power and external intimidation, Seoul might see little need for a U. The existing Open Comments threads will continue to exist for those who do not subscribe to Independent Premium. But time and again, the Supreme Leader of North Korea has debunked conspiracies about him being on his deathbed. Bracing myself," she said in a. So far, each of the three Kims to rule North Korea has defied expectations, holding on to power with an iron grip. With Kim Jong Un gone, this dangerous dynamic could change. "He's made ten appearances in the last thirty days, most recently on August 19," he tweeted. Roy Calley told some media outlets that there are such levels of secrecy in North Korea that even those living in the country do not know what the reality is. All of this soon led to speculative conclusions that the 36-year-old Kim was recovering from major surgery, or gravely ill, or maybe even dead. And from the country have curiously lacked any direct comments from Kim himself. A report by a Seoul-based publication, Daily NK, citing unidentified sources inside North Korea, also stated that Kim Jong-un is now recovering at a villa in the Mount Kumgang resort county of Hyangsan on the east coast. I am doing a run to re-Paganize Europe coming straight outta Sweden, damn those heretical Roman papists! And one would think the ROKs would welcome our continued presence as a hedge against Chinese hegemony. First, if someone took over North Korea, if it would be easy to rule. 6 North Korea released pictures of Kim Jong-un at a state meeting on August 19, 2020 Credit: EPA Is Kim Jong-un in a coma? What were the rumours around Kim Jong-un's death? They adapt the culture and religion of their new home. IIRC there were those who believed that Kim Jong Un, would be a vehicle for a change in the relations between the US, SK and NK. Both Kim Jong Un and his sister spent part of their childhood in Swiss boarding schools, where they learned English and had more than a taste of Western life. An official familiar with U. " When asked by a CNN reporter if he has had any contact with Kim he snapped and said: "CNN is fake news, don't talk to me. If he doesn't, the rumor mill will go into overdrive again. a rumor spread that Kim had been assassinated during a visit to Beijing. The last thing Beijing wants is conflict on its border or chaos that might tempt the United States to intervene. Was this really Kim Jong-un, when the photographs showed a man who seemed to have different teeth and ears? Kim Jong Un's absence on April 15 raised doubts in international media leading to speculations that the North Korean leader's health was deteriorating. 18, 2019, in Washington, D. I'm not convinced," he wrote on Twitter. [ Also Read: ] reported that China has dispatched a team to North Korea including medical experts to advise on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, according to three people familiar with the situation. I now know more about agnatic cognatic inheritance and flavors of primogeniture than is healthy. An ex-aide to late South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung had claimed North Korea has been hiding the truth about Kim's health and that he is in a vegetative state. —Jeffrey Lewis ArmsControlWonk Over the years, rumors of Kim's death have been proliferated by South Korean and western media outlets and on social media fairly frequently. : Yes, this. North Korea Dictator Kim Jong-un has reportedly died, aged 36, following complications with heart surgery. Pyongyang officials know that the train can be seen from satellites and have previously sent it around the country to confuse outsiders, Thae said. 2nd: Has to pay fees 3rd: His sister hates him. Trump while in answer said that he was close to Kim and added: "I think the report was incorrect. Initial reports from South Korea claimed Kim was• It could try to shift the costs of reconstructing and stabilizing North Korea to Seoul by agreeing to Korean reunification conditioned on the withdrawal of U. He was repeatedly seen strolling around the factory, as well as standing and chatting to aides in several scenes. Your donation will help us ensure that we can continue this critical work. Kim Jong Un also has a brother, a male heir, Kim Jong Chol, but it's unlikely he will sit on the throne due to his lack of interest in politics. The remainder of the article focuses on the foreign policy implications: In any of these scenarios, China is likely to act quickly. — Jean H. North Korea is believed to be grappling with a complicated succession issue. In February 2020, he disappeared for nearly three weeks without any speculation surrounding his health. For other inquiries,. Not a major milestone year but if Kim Jong Un wants to quell rumors about his health, it would be a good occasion to make a public appearance. 14, 2011. If the existing regime survived, whether under Kim Yo Jong or another senior regime official, China would probably embrace and assist the new leader. Swearing, personal abuse, racism, sexism, homophobia and other discriminatory or inciteful language is not acceptable• There is also a viral image that is being shared that claims to show Kim Jong Un lying dead inside a glass coffin. May you live in interesting times, eh? Kim was ostensibly present to open a new fertiliser factory, but images from the event had. It allows our most engaged readers to debate the big issues, share their own experiences, discuss real-world solutions, and more. According to , the Supreme Leader died Saturday. Ji said Kim's sister was in line to replace him after a 'complicated succession'• 1st: His brother died. "It's a military anniversary in North Korea on April 25. Kim Jong Un is dead. An ex-aide to late-South Korean president Kim Dae-jung believes the state is. ' Share Pyongyang has never made any succession plans public, but experts say Kim's sister has been the most visible presence around the dictator in recent years. The difficulties for SK would be enormous, much worse than German reunification. North Korea has claimed zero COVID-19 cases but could be lying, Maxwell said. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's in accordance with our. troop presence. As an American, my first concerns lie with the thousands of U. 5th: is brain dead Coma 6th: The country hates him. World media has been rife with floating reports suggesting the North Korean leader's ill health after undergoing a cardiovascular procedure at a hospital on April 12. Hence, the reponsibilities to run the affairs of the country rests on the shoulders of his sister Kim Yo Jong. On Friday, reported the had participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony for. "But I wish him well. So what happens if Kim dies? Ji, a defector who was elected to the South's parliament earlier this year, is the latest to suggest that Kim might have died after heart surgery. Kim's unprecedented absence from the Day of the Sun ceremony honouring his grandfather Kim Il-Sung prompted major speculation about his welfare. 'I've wondered how long he could have endured after cardiovascular surgery. He's in a coma or probably vacationing in his private resort or he's away horse-riding into the wilderness. Kim Jong-un at a factory opening in North Korea on May 1. Second, China is an extremely racist nation and will not want to bring more non-Han in unless their land or resources was substantial. The sighting of the train was followed by further satellite images from Wonsan showing boats often used by Kim and his entourage. Once again, Kim Jong Un's health has become the headlines on global news channels and papers, but no one knows for sure what's happening behind those closed borders. Speculation has abounded in the wake of the report, and social media has become abuzz with the rumor that Kim is dead or close to it. 'I talked to my sister and my niece this morning and they had no clue about these reports and rumours about Kim Jong Un's health,' said one defector, Lee Soon-hee. Kim spent his early years alone at his family's beach home and in their luxury compounds in Pyongyang. He became leader when his father Kim Jong Il died in 2011 from a heart attack. We have a pre-teen mindset running the White House, and he will be looking for quick fixes rather than any sort of strategic plan. It was initially reported that Kim was seriously ill following heart surgery. Rumors are once again spreading that Kim Jong Un is dying, but experts say they're unfounded. When did he become North Korea's Supreme Leader? State-run media in North Korea have not provided any definitive proof that Kim is alive, beyond reports of letters sent in his name. Anyone who got uppity was killed, and in severe cases their entire family was wiped out with them. Some defectors say that their relatives in North Korea did not know that Kim had been missing from public view for three weeks. US President Donald Trump said last yesterday: 'I understand what is going on, I cannot just talk about him right now, just hoping that everything will be fine. The rumor began on Friday after a former South Korean minister said he had on good authority that the North Korean leader was in a coma. But I do understand the situation very well'. Even though many thought Kim's regime would end and the tyranny would somewhat relax, but reports have suggested that Kim Yo Jong as the supreme leader could be worse. But as soon as we know more, we'll tell you. Cash-strapped warlords might look to sell nuclear, biological or chemical weapons or technology, or use those deadly weapons against each other. Kim has been supreme leader since 2011, when his father, Kim Jong Il, r. and the both reported on the rumor that Kim was in a coma. JUST IN: Photos of Kim Jong Un opening a fertilizer factory in Sunchon on May 1, according to KCNA. Earlier in the week, Trump downplayed reports that Kim is ill, and an official familiar with US intelligence said the government had no reason to conclude he was seriously ill. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. Lee, a senior journalist, who has spent considerable time in Pyongyang, April 25 would be a good day for Kim to make a public appearance. Under the current administration, China would probably be able to get the Trump administration to agree to reunification and pullout without even asking South Korea. Ji Seong-ho told 's news agency that he had been 'informed that Kim died last weekend' after cardiovascular surgery. Arranging the heir and the succession rules is a prime concern as is marrying off your kids for non-aggression pacts and alliances. And the fear for the worst gained credence after reports surfaced that he has handed over some power to his sister Kim Yo Jong. Also Chinese intervention will face popular resistance abetted by members of the Kim regime. Stability or change, always the great dilemma. Still, experts say it is strange that North Korea would not release a picture of a healthy-looking Kim if there was no truth to the rumours. The Sun website is regulated by the Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. 0 Earlier in the week, Dave Schuler pointed to or even dead. Hatred of the United States and its South Korean allies is the glue that holds the Kim regime together. North Koreans are keenly aware that they could face punishment for discussing the Kim family, said Sokeel Park, of Liberty in North Korea, a group that works with defectors. However, multiple experts have poured cold water on the issue, noting that Kim has been conducting his official duties as normal and highlighting the sketchy nature of the original source. The same would be true if Korea reunified. Kim Jong-un appears to be chatting to body doubles in bizarre footage from 2017. Two years later Jang Song-thaek, Jong-un's uncle, would be executed in one of Kim's first purges. According to an insider, Kim's health is in a critical state as the NK leader has been put on life support. Other reports suggested he had fled Pyongyang for a resort town because people in his inner circle had tested positive for COVID-19. The journalist said that the major changes being introduced by Kim - like making his sister the de facto second-in-command - point towards something major happening in the country. He established the bloodline after end of the Japanese rule in North Korea in 1945. 26 and Feb. Yet again, sensational reports have surfaced claiming that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has slipped into a coma and is preparing to hand over powers to his sister. President Donald Trump. Your Content is a nonprofit newsroom that produces nonpartisan, evidence-based journalism to expose injustice, corruption and wrongdoing. They are quite vulnerable, as demonstrated a few months ago with the that resulted in quite a bit of extra laundry that week. 29, 2019. Kim Jong-un took over as the Supreme Leader of North Korea after his father and late leader Kim Jong-il died in late 2011. She's always by his side, helping him make decisions. Writing at World Politics Review, speculates about what it would mean. CNN had earlier reported that Kim was in "grave danger", citing unnamed US officials who reportedly told the publication that "the concerns about Kim's health are credible but the severity is hard to assess. Some reports, attributed to senior party sources in Beijing, said Kim had died after the Chinese medical team arrived too late to save him following on April 12. The updates about the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are being keenly tracked across the world. The unusually candid assessment came as sanctions, flooding and the coronavirus pandemic pushed the North Korean economy toward what was expected to be its worst contraction in more than two decades. Due to the sheer scale of this comment community, we are not able to give each post the same level of attention, but we have preserved this area in the interests of open debate. South Korea later• However, other defectors have cast doubt on whether such sensitive information would ever leak out from Kim's inner circle. " Jeffrey Lewis, a North Korea watcher and director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, tweeted that Kim has been typically active in August, suggesting all is well. And in 2014, he vanished for 40 days, sparking rumours he had been ousted in a coup, only to reemerge with a walking stick after apparently recovering from an illness or an operation. " Notably, new satellite imagery from North Korea had emerged last week which shed some light on Kim Jong-un's possible whereabouts. On Friday, Jang Sung-min, a former South Korean minister, said that an unnamed source in China had told him that Kim was "in a coma" but "his life has not ended," , a South Korean news outlet. America first became involved in Korea in 1950 to prevent the communist regime in the North, backed by the Soviet Union and China, from conquering the South. She is the only person that the North Korean leader trusts. " Earlier in the week, President Trump sent Kim Jong Un his well wishes. The most insightful comments on all subjects will be published daily in dedicated articles. Careful though, marriages usually put your kids into a different dynasty and their kids as well. Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. The 2017 footage raises questions of how long Kim may have been using body doubles. The 36-year-old, who took over the reins in 2011 has skipped several public appearances in the last few months, giving rise to speculation that something is not right. "I've had a very good relationship with him. I hope it was an incorrect report," he added, without providing further details. 'When I told them, they were so cautious about discussing it. We're not sure. While we're not sure if she named her source, her uncle is a Chinese foreign minister. Or did he? Trump calls CNN report on Kim Jong Un health fake US President Donald Trump in a question during a press briefing if he was aware of the medical status of Kim Jong Un after that the North Korean leader had a surgery. Spearheading the news revolution for Americans across the nation, Your Content has brought a voice to those the media failed to acknowledge. What really happened to Kim Jong Un? Seoul-based website Daily NK, citing one unnamed source in North Korea, earlier reported that Kim was recovering after undergoing a cardiovascular procedure on April 12, while said they had detected no signs of in North Korea. This was always possible since the three Kim dictators have relied on demonization of the South Korean government and the United States to justify massive military spending, internal repression and an iron grip on power. A still image taken from a Korean Broadcasting System video and provided by the Kyodo news agency, shows a man reported by the network to be Kim Jong Chol at an Eric Clapton concert in Singapore on Feb. NORTH Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is in a coma and is preparing to hand over powers to his sister, an ex-diplomat has sensationally claimed. This is a developing breaking news story.。 。 。


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